How to Score Over 100 on the TOEFL IBT Exam

Tadeu from Brazil took the TOEFL exam and scored 109, Rafaat from Pakistan re-took the TOEFL exam and scored 104, and Kathy from Argentina scored 114 on her TOEFL exam. The individuals who score more than 100 rank in the 10-20 percentile of all test-takers, so they are a tip top gathering. In any case, what makes their English capability so breathtaking? I led a study of 14 test takers, every one of whom scored more than 100 to perceive what makes them so uncommon. A glance at their stretched out presentation to the dialect, a customary routine of perusing and listening practice, and constrained express TOEFL readiness may reveal insight into why and how these test-takers scored so high. Long haul Exposure to English Above all else, one shared characteristic among the 14 overviewed test-takers is the length of presentation they had to the English dialect. For each situation, these test-takers revealed that they had utilized the dialect for over ten years. Truth be told, despite the fact that English was not their local tongue, they consistently talked it in the home with guardians and kin. 80% of these test-takers revealed that no less than one or both guardians had already concentrated English and had gone to an American University to seek after undergrad or graduate reviews.